Corn coming out your “ears”?

CORN – enough to last for a year!!
July is here and that means corn on the cob!!  However, you can enjoy fresh corn all year
long by freezing it – in a few simple steps.
1.     Cut corn
off cob and scrape off the juicy bottom part (that’s where the fresh taste
comes from.)
2.   Put cut
corn in a kettle and add enough water along with the juice from the creamed
corn so that
it will not stick.  Bring only to
a boil.

3.   Drain.
4.   Spread
corn out on trays, preferably underneath a ceiling fan to cool—stirring
occasionally until cool. 
5.   Pack in
freezer boxes and add reserved juices.
Now you’re all set for fresh homemade chicken corn soup next
winter when the cold winds and snow are hurling ‘round the house.  Or to compliment a dinner, make a dish of
corn by thawing a box of it.  You may
need to add a bit more water, pinch of salt. 
When it comes to a boil, add some crème cheese for a creamy yummy dish.

In my earlier years of doing up corn, I used to par-boil the
cob of corn in large kettles, take them out and put in cold water immediately
and then cut off the kernels.  Then I discovered
this new way—it not only is faster but there are no more cobs to deal with in and out of the
kettle. This improved method makes the finished product taste much fresher and almost like it was just pulled from
the stalk.  Why not give it a try??

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