Afternoon Trip for Ice Cream

When you grow up in Lancaster and have lived here most of your life, it is easy to overlook or not take advantage of some of the wonderful treasures we have here.  Today it was decided to take a 15 minute drive from the Bed and Breakfast through the beautiful farmlands to a local farm where they make home made ice cream.  

My daughter and I drove down Route 340 through the quaint towns of Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse to arrive for our afternoon treat. Lapp Valley Farm is known for its rich creamy ice cream and freshly made waffle cones. The ice cream is made on the farm from the fresh milk and cream from their Jersey cows. The twelve choices of flavors today made the decision difficult but we choose Cookies and Cream and Butter Pecan – both in waffle cones, of course!  

If you are visiting Lancaster, this is a “must” – and if you visit the farm between 4:30-5:30, you can watch the cows being milked and pet the calves! Don’t forget to just drive some of the back roads of Lancaster County and enjoy the beautiful farmland!

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