Canning Applesauce – Passing on the Tradition

Each time there is an opportunity to pass on a tradition and teach the next generation the many “how to” items, I cherish the time.  Such a time came this week when my youngest daughter and I decided to make applesauce.  A trip to our local orchard, Kauffman Fruit Farm,

provided us the apples we needed. This year we chose a combination of Ginger Gold, Summer Rambo, and few Earligold.

 I like to mix some of the varieties when making applesauce. 

1. After washing the apples, I cut the apples into quarters and placed in the large kettle with some water added. No need to peel or remove the seeds with this method since I used my Victorio Food Strainer.  

2. Cook the apples on medium heat until the apples are soft.

3. Place the hot apples into the Victorio Food Strainer – the apples are very hot so be careful not to burn yourself!
4. Follow the directions on the Victorio by stomping the apples down the funnel into the strainer to have the applesauce pour down the chute.

5. Allow the applesauce to cool slightly before adding sugar.  In recent years, the amount of sugar that I use has lessened considerably to almost sugar free! Different varieties of apples determine the sweetness of the sauce so this will be personal preference as to how much or how little sugar you add to the sauce.
6. Options for applesauce would be canning or freezing.  This year we decided to can the applesauce.  After pouring the applesauce into jars, they were placed in the canner till it boiled for 15 minutes.  Take out the jars and listen to the sound of the seals on the jars “popping”.  My daughter loved hearing this happen! 

Great way to spend a few hours with your daughter.  Not only do we have applesauce to enjoy during the Fall and Winter months, but it was rewarding to hear my daughter say with delight – “Cool, I am making applesauce!”

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