Experience the Beauty in the Gardens at Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is located about 45 minutes from our Bed and Breakfast

This display of
horticulture, fountains, woodlands, and nature is a way to explore one of the
world’s great gardens – from their 4 acre Conservatory to the outdoor gardens
totaling over 1,000 acres!

The gardens
were founded and created by Pierre S DuPont in the 19th century and
there is so much history to experience during your time at the Gardens.

Now through October 31, the Gardens is offering a special
event entitled “Nightscape”.  This
experience transforms various places in the Garden and Conservatory by mapping
visual effects onto living trees and plants, “painting” with light.  Philadelphia-based visual art shop Klip
Collective designed this video installment into the garden.  This is a nice way to enjoy the gardens at
night as light dances with shadows, music fills the air, and the beauty of the
Gardens at night is displayed.

Whether you visit Longwood Gardens during the day or
evening, this truly is an enjoyable time wondering around the different gardens
– Flower Garden walk, Italian Water Garden,

Rose Arbor, Peirce’s Woods with
Treehouses, Conservatory, Idea Garden and Children’s Gardens and so much
more!  Make plans to visit this
spectacular garden in any season!

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