Never Forget

Country Music Singer and Songwriter, Darryl Worley, paid tribute with this song “Have You Forgotten?” to those that died on that fateful day in September 2001.  I remember clearly where I was that morning.  At the time I was working for a local hospitality company and we were excited about the upcoming grand opening of the newest hotel being built.  I was in one of the hotel rooms that morning assisting the staff with making the beds when I heard commotion and mention about “airplanes, tower, New York”. After quickly turning on the television and watching the horrific events unfolding, we realized this was a day that would continue to affect each of us in the coming years.  

So today we take time to remember those lives lost on September 11th and to pay tribute and say thanks to the first responders.  We thank the brave men and women in the military, the local police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel who daily serve the local community and our nation.

Never Forget.

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