Buying Flowers and Produce – Leola Produce Auction

Opening day for the Leola Produce Auction was this past Tuesday, March 22nd!  Spring just arrived and it was a beautiful day to drive the short 15 minute drive from the Bed and Breakfast to the Auction. I was delighted to see skid rows of colorful pansies, violas, tulips and daffodils being sold.  rows of red, pink, yellow and white tulip plants with people in background at auctionSeveral flats of green and red lettuce plants on a skid lot

There were a few skid lots of lettuce, tomato plants, and some annuals but it was a bit too early to purchase these since I don’t have a greenhouse to hold them until they can be planted outside.

The auction was started in 1985 as a way for local farmers to sell their abundance of produce and plants. The auction is open to individuals as well as garden shops, greenhouses, wholesalers and is a fun way to buy some items in bulk! Go with a friend and buy a flat of flowers or vegetables to share. The auction is currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays but will be open more days over the busy summer months. Small Amish boy with straw hat peeking through cart full of tulip plants

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    • The 2017 season at the Leola Produce Auction begins March 21st! Hope you are able to check it out sometime this season.

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