Samson at Sight and Sound Theater

Having lodging accommodations close to Sight and Sound Theater in Strasburg, PA brings many guests coming to see the shows. We recently had the privilege to see the newest show which opened mid March called “Samson”. This is a story from the Bible about the original “super hero” – defeating armies and lions. What is the secret to his strength? The show is narrated by Samson’s father who does a wonderful job of not only narrating the story line but also bringing the truth of past history and making it relevant today. The singing, cast, and special effects were all incredible. This show runs through December so plan on seeing the show. It may be a super hero historical story from the past but the truths of this story are still relevant today. We offer discounted tickets when you stay with us at the Bed and Breakfast!Man lifting large rock boulder over his head to show his incredible strength

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