Time to Cultivate and Garden

The weather certainly shows signs that Spring is soon arriving. As the name of our Bed and Breakfast suggests, we love flowers and gardening. So this time of year is busy with planning and preparing for the vegetable and flower gardens. Each Spring Dad gets on his beloved Allis Chalmers B Tractor to cultivate the vegetable garden soil. The orange Allis Chalmers B tractor being driven by Dad and cultivating the garden and making rows

The word “cultivate” means to prepare or use land for crops and gardening. But a second definition is to try to develop or acquire a quality, sentiment or a skill. I love this picture of Dad cultivating the soil to prepare the garden for the peas, lettuce and onions that will be planted now. But more importantly is what this picture means symbolically to me – that he took the time to “cultivate” with his children the love of gardening, a strong work ethic, the “figure it out” concept, and to enjoy the simplicity of things. I hope that as I go out to my garden today to rototill and cultivate the ground, I have also cultivated to my children the importance of these life skills and sentiments.  Happy gardening!

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