Reading and Reflecting

One of the goals I set this year was to read more books, e-books, or magazines and hoping to accomplish reading one book a month. Truth is…life happens and I am a bit behind!  However, instead of speed reading through the current book, I am taking time to pause and reflect more about the many profound and thought provoking ideas it contains. “A Trip Around the Sun” by Mark Batterson and Richard Foth is a book that challenges a person to “turn your everyday life into the adventure of a lifetime”. A recent chapter entitled “Books with Skin Covers” explains how to have conversations with people and strive to learn something from them by reading their story and hearing about their life. Engage with people and it may become an opportunity to see their life as a real book to read and learn. This is something I want to put into practice more on a daily basis – to be able to learn from our guests since we have something to learn from everyone. Each person has their own unique God-given gifts and I want to enjoy the process of learning from them. So while I may be a bit behind in reading actual books, I am enjoying the journey at this time of reading “books with skin covers”. quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson



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