Visiting The Amish Farm and House – Lancaster PA

I decided to abandon the things I had on my “to do” list today and instead be a tourist in my home town!  It has been years since I toured America’s First Amish Attraction – The Amish Farm and House.  This old farmhouse built in 1805 is a place to visit in Lancaster County to learn about the simple life of the Amish. Old Amish farmhouse with the wash line full of laundry to dry and a Conestoga WagonI enjoyed the 45 minute house tour and then roamed the grounds and visited with the woodcarver and school teacher. The goats were freely roaming around as I did a self guided walking tour around the 15 acre farm. 3 small black and white goats roaming the green grass This farm has many family activities to enjoy such as visiting the animals, enjoying the farm themed playground, trying a scooter and learning the customs of the Amish.  Visitors have the option to do a 90 minute Countryside bus tour. My knowledgeable driver/tour guide took us on the back country roads through Pennsylvania Dutch Country. We stopped at two Amish shops along the way and also saw Amish schoolhouses, barns, beautiful vegetable gardens and farmland. We also passed a graveyard for the Amish.White fence surrounding the graveyard of the Amish It was a relaxing and fun way to spend a few hours. This guided house tour and the Countryside Bus Tour come highly recommended. So next time you visit our beautiful Lancaster County, be sure to make this part of your travel plans. 

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