Cleaning Corn Offers a New Perspective

A simple walk to the garden changed the direction of my plans today. What had been planned for the afternoon was moved to another time and day. When the green beans and corn in the garden are needing to be picked, priorities need to be adjusted. Frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed were my first reactions. But as I changed my perspective, some popular quotes came to mind: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, “Don’t be afraid of change”, “Enjoy the moment” and many more.  So I picked the green beans and had about 5 dozen ears of corn to prepare for the freezer. I sat on the back patio and cut the beans and then blanched them for the freezer. pile of corn and bowl of green beans on the tableCleaning the corn took a few hours and during this time, I continued to reflect on some life lessons. In spite of what we consider distractions or interruptions in our lives such as car repairs, unexpected doctor visits, financial stress, or difficult relationships, the Lord has already known what we will encounter each and every day…and each and every moment. Knowing that my Creator has my daily events (and any interruptions) planned and that He knows what is best for me each and every moment is a sobering yet very comforting thought. So as I looked at the ears of corn on the table, I realized that I need to be more thankful for what the Lord brings into my life. Today I thanked him for the bountiful harvest, the beautiful sunshine, the rain we had recently, my loving family, my home, my health, and the changes He brings into my life. I realize that sometimes those changes are times for reflection and growth. I am hoping that one snowy day this upcoming winter when I go to the freezer for a box of corn to make for dinner, I will remember this hot July day when the 60 ears of corn reminded me that God’s plans are for my good.

Give thanks to the Lord verse

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  1. That was a lovely read. I wish I could have been there to help husk all that corn. Hope all is well with everyone at Flowers and Thyme. Anita

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