Sure, It’s Summer But…

Summer time picture of flowers and pool waterWhile we try to cool off in our air conditioned homes or in the water at the occupied pools around the area, we realize that all this heat and humidity means that Summer is here! But it also means that Fall will be here faster than we think! With that in mind, relax in the shade or air conditioning with your iced tea and begin making your travel plans to visit Lancaster County in the Fall. There are so many arts festivals, harvest festivals, and events to attend along with the beautiful fall foliage to enjoy. Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival is held annually over Labor Day weekend. This features over 200 artists from across the country and is considered one of America’s top 50 fine art shows. Fall harvest of produce from Lancaster County is abundant at the various road side stands and markets. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm has potato and sweet corn festivals. Who can resist the Whoopie Pie Festival with over 100 different flavors? whoopie piesRich in produce, festivals, arts & crafts, history, Pennsylvania Dutch country is a great place to spend a few days in the Fall. These hot summer days call for some homemade ice cream at Lapp Valley Farms but it is great treat to be enjoyed in the Fall as well. We look forward to having you stay with us and would love to share some hidden and not-so-hidden gems in this beautiful area we live.

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