Community with the Bed and Breakfasts of Lancaster County

Having a Bed and Breakfast in beautiful Lancaster County certainly is and has been an opportunity to meet so many wonderful guests from local places and from around the world. What a pleasure to share our home with the guests and learn new things from them as we chat around the breakfast table or just relax on the porch! This idea of community and sharing with each other is so important – time to slow down and enjoy relationship building. Community also happens not only on the “guest” level but also on the “peer” level. We are privileged to be a part of several local Associations of Innkeepers in Lancaster County. We meet regularly to discuss legislative topics, county events and happenings, marketing ideas, and share ideas. These relationships are vital to our business as we share stories, “how to” thoughts, and genuinely be able to work on issues that are relevant to the tourist industry. We also enjoy times of fellowship where there is a time of food, conversation and more relationship building. Such a night was last evening as we enjoyed delicious Chicken BBQ compliments of Reihl’s Quilts with every B & B bringing a food entree to share.People in picnic chairs eating chicken bbq Laughter, relaxation, and great food made the get together an enjoyable evening – a time of community with our peers and friends from other local Bed and Breakfasts.logo with yellow background and amish buggy and bed and breakfast in frontlogo showing black and white drawing of homes representing bed and breakfasts

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