Farm to Table Breakfasts…and More!

Oh the joys of living in Lancaster County where the home grown fruits and vegetables are in abundance! We love having our own garden of herbs, teas, vegetables and fruit trees on the property. This makes it so easy to grab some fresh produce to use for our daily breakfasts. The farm to table concept is growing in popularity here in Lancaster and we strive to do our best serving at breakfast the freshest products available to us. If we don’t have the items we need from our personal garden, we enjoy buying the produce at the many local farm stands or local markets.When visiting Lancaster Central Market, many of the chefs from downtown restaurants are buying the vegetables from the local farmers.display of fresh green, red, yellow peppers, tomatoes,and other vegWe don’t have chickens laying eggs at our Bed and Breakfast but we buy our eggs from a local farmer. Our meats are purchased locally as well as cheeses, nuts, and yogurt. We enjoy the fresh local produce and love to share with our guests this farm to table concept from Lancaster County! Next time on your visit, enjoy the many local roadside stands or the market for fresh produce…and enjoy our breakfasts!

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