How was your week?

We often ask one another this simple question – how was your day or how was your week? Some respond in quick one word answers – “fine”, “good”, “busy”, “crazy”, “great” but not too many respond with a conversational response. Been thinking if this is because we are too busy in our actions and thoughts to pause and have a conversation with someone or because we don’t want to bother someone or because we don’t want to be honest with each other. I find myself on both sides of this coin – asking the question and waiting for a quick response and also being asked the question and giving a one word answer.

If someone were to ask me this question today, my initial answer would be “crazy busy”. The more honest and real answer would be more reflective and emotional. Our family suffered a sudden and unexpected loss of a good friend; our work schedules seem to overtake the boundaries of a normal 8-5 day; we enjoyed the beauty of scenic farmland in upstate New York; we feel joy watching our children in their volleyball and soccer games; we anticipate a fun weekend with family and friends; we look forward to hearing about my parents’ vacation. So many various “things” we do during the week and yet all of them are tied to many emotions and feelings. One thing I need to keep remembering is to be thankful in all things – in spite of the circumstances we may be dealing with during the week. I need to take time to enjoy each moment of each day of each week. And to be thankful.WOODEN SIGN WITH A TAKE TIME TO BE THANKFUL QUOTE

So next time you say “How was your week?”, take time to pause and listen.

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