Good Morning from Flowers & Thyme Bed and Breakfast

Mornings begin with an early start of breakfast preparations for the guests. We start the coffee so that the early risers can enjoy fresh perked coffee as they await their breakfast. Guests can enjoy their hot cup of coffee on the front porch overlooking the cornfields or on the back patio surrounded by the gardens and flower beds.Front porch with wooden rockers and floral arrangementMeanwhile back in the kitchen, the pastry is mixed and soon baking with the smell of sweetness permeating the house. Pastries change daily from muffins, scones, coffee cakes, or breads. Seasonal fruit is served along with our main entree of something savory or sweet. Don typically can be found grilling the bacon outside on the mornings it is served!

As the guests arrive for their breakfast, we enjoy catching up with them on the plans they have for the day. We offer directions, helpful hints, and some local favorites that we are sure the guests will enjoy. Serving a wholesome fresh breakfast with a smile is one of the ways we can offer Lancaster County hospitality to our guests.

Egg quiche with asparagus spears as garnish

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