Let’s Talk Turkey!

Have you seen the stores recently?  Many are filled with Halloween costumes and candy or Christmas trees and lights! Yes, it is known that there are only a few shopping weeks left till Christmas, but let’s talk turkey!  Thanksgiving is a holiday that sometimes is overshadowed as we hurry to rush through it to be ready for Black Friday. However, this is a time to be still, to be thankful for so many blessings, and to enjoy time with family and friends. Lancaster County is known for its bountiful Fall harvest but did you know there are many turkey farms in Lancaster? If you are looking for options to purchase a turkey from Pennsylvania Dutch country, here are a few.

  1. Esbenshade Turkey Farm in Paradise. This is the oldest turkey farm in the United States!
  2. Weaver’s Turkey Farm in Leola
  3. The Turkey Lady is a retailer that operates from Lancaster Central Market that sells many turkey products.turkey

So take some time to prepare for Thanksgiving and order your turkey from Lancaster and then stay with us before you head home with your dinner entree!

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