Amish Wedding Season

When traveling in Lancaster County during late October through early December, “wedding season” is in the air! Most Pennsylvania Amish weddings occur after the harvest and traditionally the weddings are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. These joyous occasions involve planning the wedding feast so having them after the harvest season is appropriate when less farm work is needed to be done. A full day is needed to prepare for the wedding. They keep Tuesdays and Thursdays as wedding days since days before and after are used for preparation and clean up.Rows of Amish buggies at a farm for a Fall wedding

The traditional Amish wedding is held at the home of the bride. They involve a three hour church service with the marriage ceremony taking place at the end of the service. After the ceremony, the festivities begin! The men move the benches from the service to around the tables for the meal while the women head to the kitchen to get ready to serve the meal. A typical wedding feast includes chicken roast, mashed potatoes, filling, gravy, creamed celery and plenty of desserts. The average number of guests would be 200-300 people. After the meal, hymn singing, games and fellowship occur and the day winds down late at night around 10 PM.

There could be as many as 12-15 weddings taking place on the same day so it is common for the guests to rotate between several weddings! This time of year is a wonderful way for the community to relax and spend time together celebrating.

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