A New Year’s State of Mind

This time of year we think of all the cliche sayings – “out with the old, in with the new”, “what’s your resolution this year?”, “new year, new me”.  I really was planning to blog about the German tradition of having Pork and Sauerkraut on New Year’s Day here in Lancaster County. But a quick scan of a video on Facebook made me change gears. This video was about Working with Millennials and was an interview with Simon Sinek. Yes, it was a bit about working with millennials but it impacted me more with the idea of how social media has played a part in deterring from building relationships with one another. I am not in the Millennial generation but there are some great points he makes about interacting with people that every generation should take into consideration. Take time to put down the phone, don’t check your Facebook or Instagram constantly, have “real” conversations with people, take time to learn something from someone. These points are reminders for everyone and should not be considered just as a resolution for the New Year. Written quote about how good relationships take time

Take time in the New Year of 2017 to spend with your spouse, your friend, your sister or brother, your mentor, your neighbor. If it means getting away for a day or a weekend, stay with us at the Bed and Breakfast! We can help you find fun things to do in Lancaster while you build and strengthen relationships with those you love.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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