Rewind, Refresh, Renew

The start of a new year…what does that mean to you? Time to start with new resolutions, new lists, new challenges, new experiences, or is it a time to renew old resolutions, lists, etc? Sometimes our best plans and lists do not always go as we would think they should. Today was one of those days…had an idea of things I wanted to accomplish today and items to check off the long list. However, a nasty cold and no energy put a stop to that very quickly. Instead of running around on errands, doing some home improvement projects and basic housekeeping, I spent the morning in bed next to the diffuser with Pepperment Oil. I then moved to the sofa and watched the Food Network for a while….tissue box was carried with me! I did come across some wonderful new breakfast recipes I would like to try. As I reflected on this change of course for today, it reminded me that sometimes I don’t need to always get things checked off the list. Sometimes it is important to relax, rewind, refresh and just slow down. This concept is extremely hard for me to incorporate into my life!  I really wanted to go for groceries and probably could have done that and other things on my list today, but instead I MADE myself stop and do nothing but care for myself. I am thankful for these times of reflextion and times to just read a magazine, drink hot tea, watch HGTV and Food Network, and take naps! Maybe I should put those things on a to-do list more often (even if I don’t have a nasty cold)!


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