Summer is blooming!

Walked around the flower beds at the Bed and Breakfast the other morning after serving the guests breakfast. Beautiful warm sunny day with blue sky and puffy white clouds in the sky. I was in my own little world wandering around slowly, trying to capture all the different colors and designs of the annuals, perennials, flowering bushes, and greens that my mother so lovingly planted through the years. Since retirement is near and the house is now sold, I will certainly miss these opporturnities to enjoy these gardens at this house. My mom certainly will have flower gardens at her new home but these at the Bed and Breakfast, the place I called “home” for so many years, still bring special meaning to me. So I took a few pictures to have a keepsake of what was, what is now and hopefully of what will be when the new owners take residence. These summer blooms are beautiful in color, in design, in placement among the gardens – so enjoy this small sampling of summer blooms.


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