Simplify and Organize!

Typically the organizing and reorganizing of things happen at the beginning of the new year. Resolutions or goals cause us to think about simplifying life in order to enjoy the important things. Half way through 2017 and I am working more diligently on the idea to de-clutter, reorganize, and simplify life!  Last weekend my husband and I tackled the garage!  There have not been vehicles in the garage for at least a year and it was time for a change!  EVERYTHING came out of the garage and then it was swept out, cleaned and organized. Storage tubs and hanging hooks were purchased, items were boxed up and marked appropriately, old and used items thrown away, some items went to the street for FREE pickup, other items posted on craigslist, etc. It was a very long day but at the end of it, we had two cars in the garage and it looked so much better. What a sense of accomplishment we both had. This week I started to tackle the next project – the basement! The kids helped clean out the toy closet – outgrown toys given away and others put aside for upcoming yard sales. Next job was going through books, homeschool supplies, kids’ art work from years gone by…many memories but still needed to simplify and organize. Decided to keep some things for memories but quite a bit was thrown away and the supplies posted for sale. Craft, art, scrapbook supplies are next on the agenda to be organized. This basement project should have been done years ago, but I am determined to accomplish this soon. A little organization each day will soon get the task done. There will always be decluttering and organizing to do but working at it daily helps the job seem attainable. Simplifying life is satisfying and very rewarding. 

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